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Our Story

Flatsland Clothing Co. started as an idea to translate our love of fishing the coastal flats and backwaters of our home state of Florida and beyond, into a clothing brand that could be proudly worn by all who share our passion.  

Flatsland Clothing Co. was started by Ryan Register, Bob Wilkinson and James Wilkinson.  We are not expert fishermen by any means, mediocre at best, we come home empty handed more days than not, but that will never stifle the deep rooted love of flats fishing (especially fly fishing) and admiration of God's beautiful creation that has been ingrained in us since a very early age.  We, like many others, have so many great memories tied to fishing trips with family and friends, and our hope is that Flatsland Clothing will be your go-to memory making clothing for years to come!


Our Manifesto

Our desire is to create fresh, simplistic, family friendly designs and put them on the absolute highest quality clothing we can find; so, whether on or off the water, or ages 5 to 95, you'll be proud to represent Flatsland Clothing Co.

We believe in supporting healthy, sustainable conservation efforts to help ensure the survival and proliferation of fish species and habitats throughout Florida and beyond.

We believe in being good role models for the generations that follow, especially our children and grandchildren, and to pass along the love of fishing, conservation and admiration of God's amazing creation.

We believe in helping and loving our neighbor, totally regardless of any differing factors or opinions.

We believe in family and friendship, and spending as much quality time together as possible... especially when fishing and outdoor activities are involved. 

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